Challenge: The 100 Things Challenge

A minimalist lifestyle has become increasingly popular of the last few years. People are sick of being ‘stuck in their stuff’ and are opening up for a life where it is not so much about what you have, but more about what you do, how you feel and who you are with. People no longer want stuff to control their lives and all over the globe people have started to declutter their homes and minimize their possessions. Some people do this Marie Kondo style, they go through all of their stuff and ask themselves if it still sparks joy, other people make piles and sort through their stuff drawer by drawer and room by room. And there are other people, like Dave Bruno, who decide that enough is enough and that they can make do with just 100 things.

A little something about Dave Bruno. He is an American living in Southern California with his wife and three daughters. He is a teacher, public speaker and entrepeneur and with his 100 Things Challenge he has reached people and gained press attention worldwide. Not at all what I would have expected from someone who chose to discard of most of his stuff from one moment to the next and go through life with just 100 items. That is what makes his project so inspiring: he shows us that we actually can do with far less and still live a happy, healthy and normal (by society’s standard) life. Now, I am not saying that you should be like Dave Bruno. His lifestyle and his choices are is no way leading in how we should live our lives. If you love your stuff, keep it. If you do want to start minimizing your stuff the way he did? Go right ahead. In general, it just makes me wonder: what can we learn from the choices and the considerations that Dave Bruno made?

I am sharing this challenge today, not to encourage you to get rid of all your stuff, but to make you think. What do you think of Dave Bruno’s project and lifestyle? Do you believe that we can better the quality of life with less stuff? Are you willing to try something as immense as he did? If you want to know more about this project you can watch the TEDx Talk Dave Bruno held in 2012 or you can read his book ‘The 100 Thing Challenge’.

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  1. Kris McPeak

    My husband and I recently did a HUGE purge of our two bedrooms – the master bedroom and the guest bedroom – and our house seems so much lighter and happy now that we ditched so much “stuff”. And I love the way I feel when I drop off the bags of clothing and appliances, etc. at “Out of the Closet”. There is so much truth to this lifestyle. Seriously. Thank you for sharing this.

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