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5 minimalist tips for decluttering your paperwork

Today, we’re gonna take a close look at your household paperwork. With these 5 minimalist tips you can declutter this paperwork and make paying the bills and keeping tabs on the expenses a lot easier without a shelf full of binders.

DIY recipe: Hand Soap

Making your own hand soap is actually really easy to do, you only need two ingredients. This soap will save you a lot of money and it is far more natural than any other soap you can buy in the store.

5 minimalist tips for baby essentials

Today I will share some minimalist tips on baby essentials. Which items are actually handy to have at home when expecting a baby and which items that are supposed to be ‘baby essentials’ can you actually do without?

Challenge: Meat Free Monday

If you want to participate in a challenge that is good for your health, good for the animals and good for the environment, the Meat Free Monday challenge is just the thing for you!

5 minimalist tips for your wardrobe

Today, we’re gonna take a close look at your wardrobe. How much of what is in there do you actually love and wear regularly? I will share 5 minimalist tips to put together a more sustainable and minimal wardrobe that you actually love.