Challenge: Meat Free Monday

Whether it is called Meatless Monday, Friday Fast, Meatless Wednesday or Meat Free Monday: they are all great examples on how easy, accessible and widespread the concept of a meatless day actually is. Almost every country has its own version of a meat free day and a growing number of schools, companies and organizations have introduced a meat free day in their own cafeteria. If you want to participate in a challenge that is good for your health, good for the animals and good for the environment, the Meat Free Monday challenge is just the thing for you!

Meat Free Monday was launched in 2009 by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. This campaign aims to raise awareness on the environmental, animal and health impact of eating meat. With the introduction of Meat Free Monday they want to make eating less meat accessible and fun for a wide array of people. With just one meat free day a week we can have a lot of impact on climate change and the meat industry. There is no need for me to start up a whole monologue on how awful the meat industry actually is for the environment and the animals. I think most people are pretty much aware, on some level, on how factory farming is done nowadays. If one day a week without meat can already make a difference, why not try it?

If you need some inspiration for cooking, you can visite the Meat Free Monday website. Here you can find a lot of information about the initiative, but they also provide you with tons of recipes. Ofcourse the internet is full of delicious recipes waiting for you to try. My personal favorites are Green Kitchen Stories, Minimalist Baker, Nourish Atelier and Thug Kitchen. You can also visit my Pinterest page full of delicious meat free recipes. Who knows: maybe you will get so inspired that you will actually want to introduce more meat free days during the week.

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