5 foods to make yourself and never buy again – part 3

Sure, it’s convenient: a supermarket nearby where you can find everything that you desire in just one place. But the supermarket is as much a curse as it is a blessing. On the one hand you get the unique oppertunity to discover new cuisines, fruits and vegetables and you can get all the groceries for the entire week in 30 minutes or less. But on the other hand all these choices can get a bit overwhelming and all these pre-packaged foods distract from the essence of real food. Pre-packaged foods often contain too much salt, sugar and additives and contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. And as an added bonus all these packages end up on the landfill and spoil our environment even more. And to think that all of this is so unnecessary since we can make most of these pre-packaged foods ourselves with just a few simple ingredients! In this series of articles I will give tips and share recipes for products that you can find in just about every supermarket, but you can make yourself just as easily while spending less and creating less waste. A win-win!

#1 Hummus


If there is just one food that has increased in popularity enormously over the last few years it has to be hummus. Every chef, restaurant, cookbook and supermarket seems to have its own recipe and although most of them are acceptable, nothing will every beat a good and fresh home-made hummus. I use a recipe from the Dutch cookbook ‘Vegan for Friends’ written by chef Alexander Gershberg, but you can find tons of recipes online and experiment yourself until you find a hummus to your liking.

#2 Flour


Although we buy our plain flour at a local mill, we usually make other kinds of flour ourself. Flour is usually just an ground version of a specific type of grain, nut or rice. You can make most of these yourself by grinding up some nuts, rice or grain in a food processor. That way you don’t need to keep 5 different types of flour in stock in your kitchen and you can just make it on the spot when you need it.

#3 French Fries

french fries

Although french fries are serves in pretty much every (fast food) restaurant and you can buy whole bags of pre-cut fries at the local supermarkt, nothing tastes as good as the french fries you make at home from a good batch of potatoes. It does take some experimenting with the fryer to figure out how to best fry your fries, but when you get the hang of it, it is delicious. We use about 1 kilo of potatoes for the 4 of us, but you will definitely need more potatoes if you have big eaters at home.

#4 Mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes

In the local supermarket you can buy mashed potatoes in all shapes and sizes. You can buy a portion that just needs some milk, you can buy a box that only needs to be heated in the microwave or you can just try to make an actually edible version of mashed potatoes yourself. All you need is some potatoes, milk, butter and some herbs and spices of your choosing. It’s really simple to make and so much better than the pre-packaged ones.

#5 Orange Juice

Orange Juice

A big bottle of orange juice is very convenient and saves a mess in the kitchen in the morning, but you can ask yourself how many vitamins and minerals are actually left in a bottle of juice that has probably been standing on the shelf for days or even weeks. It is healthier and tastier to just make your own juice for breakfast. All you need are some ripe oranges and a juicer, although you can actually squeeze the oranges but hand if you really need to. Add some lemon, ginger, turmeric and chilipowder to the mix to give it an extra kick.

The list of foods you can easily make yourself doesn’t end here. You can find more tips and recipes in these articles:

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