5 foods to make yourself and never buy again – part 4

Sure, it’s convenient: a supermarket nearby where you can find everything that you desire in just one place. But the supermarket is as much a curse as it is a blessing. On the one hand you get the unique oppertunity to discover new cuisines, fruits and vegetables and you can get all the groceries for the entire week in 30 minutes or less. But on the other hand all these choices can get a bit overwhelming and all these pre-packaged foods distract from the essence of real food. Pre-packaged foods often contain too much salt, sugar and additives and contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. And as an added bonus all these packages end up on the landfill and spoil our environment even more. And to think that all of this is so unnecessary since we can make most of these pre-packaged foods ourselves with just a few simple ingredients! In this series of articles I will give tips and share recipes for products that you can find in just about every supermarket, but you can make yourself just as easily while spending less and creating less waste. A win-win!

#1 Herb Butter

herb butter

Store-bought herb butter is often cheap, but what it lacks in price it also lacks in taste. With just a slice of butter, some herbs, garlic and seasalt you can make a delicious herb butter yourself from scratch! I guarantee it will impress anyone that tastes it and it is so simple. It offers endless variation and is also very easy to store in the freezer. That way you can make a generous amount of herb butter and store it in portions in the freezer.

#2 Self-raising flour

self-raising flour

I never quite understood why people would buy self-raising flour when it is so easy to make yourself. With just some flour and baking powder you can create self-raising flour in a second. You can rougly use 16 grams of baking powder to every 500 grams of flour.

#3 Spice & Herb Mixes


If you are a hoarder of herbs and spices like me, there is no good reason to ever buy any herb or spice mix again. You can easily make most of these mixes yourself with the right recipe. And behold: the internet is just chock-full of recipes for just about every herb or spice mix you can imagine. Go crazy and experiment with herbs and spices until you find a recipe that you love.

#4 Naan 


One of the reasons that I just love to visit our favorite Indian restaurant is because I can’t get enough of their delicious naan and dips. No matter how much I experiment at home, we just can’t match that taste and experience. So we just gave up on trying to copy that particular naan and went in another direction. We ended up using the recipe for naan from Rasa Malaysia and it is simple and really delicious and a new favorite in our household. And the best part is that you can actually freeze these breads! Just make a whole bunch of them at once and keep a few in the freezer for those days that you are short on time.

#5 Pesto


The choices of pesto in supermarkets nowadays is overwhelming and some are certainly better than others, but you can also try to make pesto yourself. It is really easy to make with the right ingredients and you can experiment with it a lot, using different nuts and seeds or arugula or parsley instead of basil. I admit that in this case self-made can be more expensive than store-bought if you don’t have the ingredients at home already, but home-made pesto is really good and certainly worth a try.

The list of foods you can easily make yourself doesn’t end here. You can find more tips and recipes in these articles:

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