5 minimalist tips for reducing waste

By minimizing waste in your household, you will not only reduce the clutter in your kitchen and your expenses, but you will also make a great contribution to a healthier planet. That is why today I am sharing 5 minimalist tips for reducing waste.

5 minimalist tips for groceries

Today I will share 5 minimalist tips for groceries. They will help you in your struggle against overfull cupboards, food waste and empty wallets and make shopping for groceries a whole lot easier.

Challenge: The 100 Things Challenge

A minimalist lifestyle has become immensely popular over the last few years. A lot of people are decluttering their homes and asking themselves if the items in their wardrobe still ‘spark joy’. And there are other people, like Dave Bruno, who decide that enough is enough and that they can make do with just 100 things.

5 minimalist tips for decluttering your paperwork

Today, we’re gonna take a close look at your household paperwork. With these 5 minimalist tips you can declutter this paperwork and make paying the bills and keeping tabs on the expenses a lot easier without a shelf full of binders.

5 minimalist tips for baby essentials

Today I will share some minimalist tips on baby essentials. Which items are actually handy to have at home when expecting a baby and which items that are supposed to be ‘baby essentials’ can you actually do without?