5 minimalist tips for decluttering the bathroom

A clean and decluttered house makes it a lot easier to keep things tidy and find the stuff you need. It makes it easier to clean and it saves you a lot of time and stress during the day. Still, it’s not that easy to keep your rooms free of clutter. You can clean up one day, and the mess will be piling up the next. Clutter tends to attract clutter and before you know it, you end up in a vicious cycle that never seems to end. You can end up feeling overwhelmed and annoyed by the mere sight of all that clutter. To avoid this cycle and to keep your house free of clutter, I will share 5 minimalist tips to declutter your house. Today I will give 5 tips for decluttering the bathroom. 

#1 Spring Cleaning

water tap

Pull out all the stops and make time for a spring cleaning, even if it’s not even spring yet. The key to a good cleaning is to really take the time and clean out everything. Open all the cupboards and drawers and go through everything. Clean every nook and cranny and sort out everything that you find while cleaning. Everything that doesn’t belong in a bathroom needs to be put away in another place, everything you don’t use (anymore) can be gathered to give away to someone else or to throw away. Be very strict in this cleaning session. Do you really need all those shampoo bottles and creams? Once you thorougly cleaned your bathroom, it will be much easier to keep it neat and the room will feel like a calming place to relax after a busy day.

#2 Clean out excess items


The bathroom is a room that is going to be used on a regular basis, so it will happen that you are doing your thing in there and you need a pair of scissors, a specific cream or a sponge. If you use these items regularly, then you should keep them in the room. If you just need them on occassion, don’t bother to clutter the room with all these things in sight. Store them in a closed cupboard in the bathroom or, if you don’t have the room, in another room. Just make sure to keep the sink, visible shelves and other surfaces free of clutter. It will make the room feel neater and more spacious.

#3 Select your care products with care


I mentioned it in the beginning, but this part is worth repeating: take a critical look at all your care products. Do you really need that many products? Most people have one favorite shampoo, one favorite soap and one, or maybe two, creams that they use regularly. Do you really need to keep all those other bottles and jars that you don’t even use? Before you know it, they reached the experation date and this is especially risky when it comes to make-up products. And since you are already checking out your care products: take a closer look at the ingredients in those care products that you love so much. Do they contain microbeads, perfumes, SLS or parabens? Are they tested on animals? If you stick to just a few care products from now on, you can invest in some care products that are not only good for you, but also for the environment. There are tons of natural, zero waste and cruelty free products available nowadays and they usually look better in the bathroom too.

#4 Sort the laundry


A lot of people keep a laundry basket in the bathroom. It’s the easiest way to collect laundry after people wash up or take a bath. Unfortunately, it tends to make the bathroom look a bit messy. Make sure to invest in a firm and stylish laundry basket that can be closed, if you prefer to keep it in the bathroom. That way it will become one with the interior and blend in. You can also consider to save up the laundry in another room in the house. If you are blessed with a laundry room: use it (and I’m a tiny bit jealous!). If you are as unlucky as I am and don’t have a laundry room, prepare a laundry station in another spot in the house. I use three baskets right next to my washing machine to sort the laundry and to keep it from cluttering my home.

#5 Clean up the bath toys

rubber duck

If you happen to have kids, like I do, sooner of later you will find that your bathroom is slowly turning into a marina or an fish pond. The little one can’t take a bath without here cups, the bigger one absolutely needs his ducks, boats and his fish. Before those toys are actually dry, it’s time for their next bath and it’s so much easier to just keep the toys on the edge of the tub for next time. But it doesn’t really look all that appealing and before you know it, your bathroom turned into a play room. Just take the extra time to dry the toys after each bath and toss them into a basket or drawer. It will make your bathroom look and feel so much better.

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