5 minimalist tips for decluttering your purse

We need to talk about purses today. I’m not trying to stereotype here, by the way. Men can carry around bags and purses just as well, but mostly, it’s a female thing. Our purses are very dear to us. We use it to store all our belongings when we leave the house, we try to make it match our personal style and outfit and it offers everything we need in times of need. This is especially true when you’re a mom. Does someone need a bandaid? Let me get my purse. A sunny day on the beach with the kids? Let me get the sunscreen from my purse. Do they kids need some entertainment on the road? I’ve get tons of toys, you guessed it, in my purse. Although all of this stuff comes in handy every now and then, my purse has become something of a survival kit more than a purse for my essentials. And I know that this is the case for a lot of women. That is why today I would like to share 5 minimalist tips for decluttering your purse.

#1 Pockets, pockets, pockets


I absolutely love bags and purses with pockets everywhere. It makes it so much easier to organize my purse! When you are shopping for a new purse, make sure that it has as many pockets as you need. Ideally, you would have a pocket to safely store your phone, a separate pocket for your keys (with a zipper would be even better!) and a pocket for things like makeup. If your bag doesn’t have pockets, no worries. You can buy dividers that you can fit in your bag to create the same effect.

#2 Say no to receipts


Purses tend to attract a lot of clutter. A purse that has been in use for some months or years will, most likely, be loaded with mints, sugar bags, rocks (when you have kids) and, worst of all, thousands of receipts. We accept a receipt every time we purchase something, but most of the time it just ends up at the bottom of our bag. We forget about it, but the paper clutter stacks up by the day. Just clean out your purse and make sure you don’t accept receipts when you won’t be needing them. It will save you a lot of space and clutter in your purse.

#3 Pay by card


The days of paying for your purchase with cash are mostly over. Sure, we tend to carry around some loose change every now and then, but isn’t it far more convenient to pay by card? It saves you a lot of space in your wallet and you can easily keep track of your spending. We pay everything by card nowadays. We save up the loose change we have for when we need it or for pocket money for the kids.

#4 Use a makeup bag


Women that carry around makeup in their bag might be familiar with the leaking mascara/lipstick mess/dirty concealer debacle. Loose makeup in your purse is always a risk. It’s better to keep your makeup safely stored in a separate pocket or, even better, a separate bag in your purse.

#5 Pad or Tampon Holder


A smart girl or woman makes sure she always has some pads or tampons with her, just in case. It’s not very hygienic to just toss them in your bag, so make sure you have a tampon or pad holder to keep them in. This is also a lot more discrete, just in case your purse falls over and everything comes rolling out. Not that you should be ashamed of your period, but it can be quite the display if you have to crawl under tables and chair to collect all of your tampons.

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