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5 ways to purify the air in your house

Our home is the place where we feel most comfortable. Where we spend time with our loved ones and where we can just relax and breathe. Unfortunately, the air that we breathe in our homes isn’t always that healthy. Several studies have shown that the quality of air inside our homes is far worse than the air outside! Just by living our lives in our homes, we create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, dust and several toxins. The furniture we sit on, the appliances we use and the products we clean our homes with can all contribute to an unhealthy home by the toxins that they emit. All these factors contribute to an unhealthy living climate inside our homes and they can even cause fatigue and irritation of the nose, throat and eyes. To create a sense of freshness, we burn candles, use perfumes and incense, but these things don’t really do anything else than smell up the place and create a false sense of freshness. Some of these candles and perfumes can actually be more harming to our health. Luckily there is a lot that you can do to purify the air and improve the living climate in your home and the air that you breathe. I will share 5 tips to improve the air quality for a happier and healthier home.

#1 Ventilate


The easiest and most important step in keeping your house fresh and healthy is ventilation. By opening a window, you let fresh air come into your home and freshen up the air you breathe. In newer houses it is even more important to crack open a window on a daily basis. New homes tend to be super well isolated and although this means you feel no draft and you are always warm, it also means that there is no chance that fresh air will circulate in your home naturally. Keeping the ventilation shafts open will certainly help, but it won’t suffice. Just make sure you open the windows in all the rooms on a daily basis and, when possible, try to sleep, shower and cook with the windows open.

#2 Air-Purifying Plants


Next to ventilating your home, there are a lot of other things to do to improve the air quality in your home. One of the easiest things to do is brightening up your home with some air-purifying plants. Certain types of plants have the unique quality of absorbing certain toxins and can purify the air. This way they contribute greatly to a healthier and happier home. There are plants that can remove pollutants like formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene and ammonia and some plants can even help purify the air from allergens and molds. There are a lot of plants with air-purifying qualities, but the most popular and effective ones are the spider plant, boston fern, snake plant, areca palm, dracaena, rubber plant, bamboo palm, peace lily and English ivy. A great bonus of decorating your home with the air-purifying plants is that plants are known to make people happier and healthier so there are nog downsides to this!

#3 Deal With Leaks and Moisture Problems


Leaks and moisture in your home can be a big problem to the air quality in your home and it can go unrecognized for a very long time. Moisture problems mostly occur in wet areas, like the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, and just like leaks they can cause molding, rotting and a lot of other problems to the interior and exterior of your home. A lot of moisture problems can be easily solves by improving the ventilation in certain areas of the house and by opening a window whenever you are cooking or showering. Leaks are more difficult to spot and fix, but if you act quickly when you notice it, you can prevent a lot of damage and prevent mold.

#4 Keep Your Appliances and (Central) Heating Save


A big part of keeping the air in your home clean and healthy is keeping all your appliances and systems up te date. If your stove is damaged, it can even cause a gas leak and if your (central) heating isn’t cleaned and maintained properly, it can have a tremendous effect on your air quality. Make sure the pipes are clean, the filters are changed regularly and you use the installations correctly. Get them checked regularly and sometimes it is even, from a financial and sustainable point of view, beneficial to invest in an updated version of the system.

#5 Make Healthier and More Sustainable Choices

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I mentioned it earlier: the couch we sit on, the cleaning products we clean our house with, the table at which we eat our dinner, the television we watch our favorite show on, the paint that is on our walls and the candles we burn to make our home smell nice can actually all contribute to an unhealthy living environment. All sorts of toxic compounds are emitted by these things in our homes and we can create a cocktail of toxins that can even make us sick if we’re not careful. You can make this better by making the healthier and more sustainable decision when shopping for new items. If you are redoing your living room, choose a waterbased paint that is not toxic, buy a second-hand table instead of a new one and clean your house with organic, all-natural cleaning supplies. Every little bit helps and makes your home a healthier place to live.

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  1. Bryan

    What do you think about air purifiers? There a large number of them on the market. Do you think they are worth the expenditure, or are the methods you describe sufficient?

  2. Aylen Moema

    The article was really helpful for me. I try to do the maximum of your suggested ways. Most of them are good to clean the air quality of my home. Thanks for sharing such important tips! 🙂

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