10 clever ways to reuse coffee grounds

Every household creates trash, whether you aren’t that preoccupied with your garbage or are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. One thing we can all agree on is that less trash is better, for ourselves and the environment. But some trash is just hard to avoid. To put this trash to good use, I will share tips to reuse this trash in a lot of different ways in and around the house. Glass jars, plastic bottles, veggie scraps, old jeans; everything can be used again if you look at it in a different way. Today I will share 10 clever ways to reuse coffee grounds.¬†

#1 Coffee Scrub


Used coffee grounds are an excellent exfoliant and it smells delicious too! Use the coffee grounds to make a coffee scrub and get revived each time you use it in the shower. You can find a DIY recipe for a simple scrub on The Coconut Mama.

#2 Plant Food


Different types of plants need different types of plant food. It can’t hurt to give your plants something extra every now and then and because of all the potassium, magnesium and nitrogen it is a great fertilizer for plants like roses, strawberries and lavender. Some people claim that it can increase the acidity of the soil, which can be beneficial, but this is only true for unwashed coffee grounds. Any addition of healthy organic material can boost the soil and help with aeration and drainage of the soil, but be careful that it doesn’t negatively effect your plants.

#3 Fight off slugs


There isn’t much that gardeners detest more than slugs. I am not talking about snails, they can actually do some good in the garden, but slugs just eat up your plants when you’re not watching and before you know it, all the crops are ruined. Luckily, they happen to hate coffee grounds, so save it up and throw it around like confetti.

#4 Fight off cats


Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a cat hater, but once I spot someone else’s cat in my backyard, I do get the strong urge to build a big fort around my garden to keep it out. I hate finding cat poop all over my backyard (even near my veggies!) and I can’t stand the though of my kids sitting in poop while playing. Luckily I discovered that cats strongly dislike the smell of coffee grounds, so now I found a safe way to keep them away from my garden and my veggies.

#5 Abrasive


Next to scrubbing your own body, you can also use the coffee grounds to scrub other surfaces. Coffee grounds are an all natural and gentle abrasive that you can use for your sink or your pots and pans.

#6 Scratch Remover


You can actually use coffee grounds to make surface scratches on your furniture disappear! Just rub the grounds on your dark furniture and wipe it off with a cloth. It won’t fix every dent and scratch, but it’s a cheap and easy way to fix those little spots that you can’t unsee once you spotted them.

#7 Air Freshener 


Although I don’t need a good reason to want to make my house smell like coffee, there actually is one. Coffee grounds happen to be a great air freshener and can be used to absorb nasty smells in and around the house.

#8 Grow mushrooms


I already mentioned that coffee grounds can work wonders as fertilizer, but it can also be a great breeding ground for all kinds of mushrooms. This way you can easily grow mushrooms in your own kitchen!

#9 Get rid of garlic smell


We just love garlic and use it on a daily basis in just about any dish we get the chance. The only downside to using that much garlic is the garlic smell on your hands. Luckily, this problem can be fixed in an instant. Just rub your hands with coffee grounds once you are done cutting the garlic and the smell with vanish.

#10 Compost


If you can’t use your coffee grounds for any of the purposes I mentioned in this article, you can always use your coffee grounds in the compost bin. It makes a great addition to your compost and you can add it either with the coffee filter or without it.

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