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10 clever ways to reuse egg cartons

Every household creates trash, whether you aren’t that preoccupied with your garbage or are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. One thing we can all agree on is that less trash is better, for ourselves and the environment. But some trash is just hard to avoid. To put this trash to good use, I will share tips to reuse this trash in a lot of different ways in and around the house. Glass jars, plastic bottles, veggie scraps, old jeans; everything can be used again if you look at it in a different way. Today I will share 10 clever ways to reuse empty egg cartons.

#1 Buy New Eggs


Although most eggs in supermarkets are only sold in cartons, there are plenty of stores, stalls and farmers that sell eggs without packaging. This way you can easily reuse your egg cartons to buy new eggs, over and over again.

#2 Seed Starters


An empty egg carton can be used as a great seed starter. Just fill the holes with some soil, put the seeds in and water it. After just a few days the first sprouts will be visible!

#3 Drawer Organizer


I will be the first to admit that it isn’t the most glamorous organizer available, but it sure does the job! You can use an empty egg carton to organize pretty much anything: from jewellery to stationery. It’s cheap and effective.

#4 Crafting

egg carton

Empty egg cartons make excellent crafting material, and not only for Easter! You can make all sorts of fun treasure boxes, carton animals and other crafts from just one simple egg carton. Check Pinterest for tons of inspiration.

#5 Sound Isolation

egg carton

Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere before: egg cartons placed on the ceiling or the walls. It might seem odd, but it does make sense. Egg cartons are actually great for sound isolation. It may not be pretty, but it does help in those moments that you need a quick fix.

#6 Paint Tray


Everyone that has ever been in contact with kids know that it can get messy real quick, especially when crafting or painting. It is best to try to limit the options for mess as much as possible. That is why I never give my kids the paint jars; I just pour some paint in a cup or in an egg carton. This way they can mix and paint all they want without tipping over jars or mixing the colors and spoiling the paint.

#7 Storing Christmas Ornaments

christmas tree

We all love to decorate our homes for the holidays, but it can be tricky to store the decorations safely during all those other months. Lights and ornaments get mixed up and can break easily if you don’t store them in a box. Luckily, you can use empty egg cartons to safely store those Christmas ornaments that you love so much. Just use the box to put away those small bits and pieces and it will be easily accessible for next year.

#8 Craft Supply Storage


People that love to craft know that you can build up quite a collection of beads, tape, cotton balls, stickers, pins and thread without even realizing it. Before you know it, you have all these little bits and pieces and no way of storing it without mixing it up or buying an expensive storage box. Luckily, you can use an egg carton for storage just as easily.

#9 Shoe Tying Box


It can be quite a challenge to teach a child how to tie his or her own shoe laces, but it is a necessary skill to teach. Luckily, there are a lot of tutorials that can teach you how to teach your child and you can use all kinds of props, like an egg carton, to make it more accessible.

#10 Collecting


Little kids tend to collect a lot of things. Whether you take a walk on the beach, in the woods or in the city: they pick up all kinds of treasures that absolutely need to be brought home with them. Once there, you don’t even know where to keep all those ‘treasures’ after a while. Egg cartons can be used for storing all those shells, leaves, nuts, rocks and sticks and they make it fun to look at it over and over again and arrange it by season or by terrain.

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