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10 clever ways to reuse glass jars

Every household creates trash, whether you aren’t that preoccupied with your garbage or are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. One thing we can all agree on is that less trash is better, for ourselves and the environment. But some trash is just hard to avoid. To put this trash to good use, I will share tips to reuse this trash in a lot of different ways in and around the house. Glass jars, plastic bottles, veggie scraps, old jeans; everything can be used again if you look at it in a different way. Today I will share 10 clever ways to reuse glass jars.

#1 Meal Prepping

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Meal prepping has been growing in popularity over the last few years and I totally get that. When you’re short on time or energy it is ideal to have a meal prepared in the fridge. This way you can enjoy a healthy meal at home, instead of visiting a restaurant and spending a lot of money or selecting an unhealthy microwave meal from the frozen foods section. Most people take the time to prepare dinners and lunches for an entire week on a saterday or sunday, other people choose to prepare their meals for the next day the evening before. Whatever your preference is, I can tell you that glass jars will definitely help you with your meal prep. They are ideal to keep the prepared meals fresh and you can easily take them with you to work or school. On my Meal Prepping Pinterest board you will find a lot of delicious recipes to try out.

#2 DIY Care Products

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If you just love to experiment with DIY care products like me, having glass jars in all shapes and sizes is an absolute necessity. You can use these jars to keep your homemade products and use them over and over again. Now, that is zero waste!

#3 Homemade gifts

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The best thing about receiving and giving presents is that you get to share something with eachother that you put thought, effort and love in. And nothing says that you care more than a homemade gift. This could be anything really, from a cozy knitted scarf to a homemade jam, the possibilities are endless. If you have some empty jars in the cupboard you can use these for the gift. With a cute ribbon and a personalized label on it, you have a perfect gift. You can find tons of inspiration on homemade gifts on my Pinterestboard on DIY gifts.

#4 Vase

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Why would anyone spend money on a vase when you can easily turn a used glass jar into a stylish vase without spending extra money? It’s completely on trend to decorate your home with glass (mason) jars and you can even decorate the jars if you wish.

#5 Zero Waste Shopping

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When you live a zero waste lifestyle, having a cupboard full of glass jars is a necessity. You can use these glass jars to store the package free groceries you bought. but you can also use to jars to buy those groceries with. Glass jars are ideal to shop for anything that you can’t really buy with your own reusable bags, like beans, yoghurt and olives.

#6 Terrarium


Any glass jar can be turned into a beautiful terrarium with just some soil, small rocks and plants that go well together. A terrarium looks good in your home, but makes a great gift as well.

#7 Lighting

glass jar light

This project with glass jars may take some time and some skill, but the result is stunning! Just save up some glass jars (pickle jars or mason jars are most commonly used for this) and start crafting.

#8 Happiness Jar or Date Jar

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An empty jar can be used for so many things! One of my absolute favorite ideas, and one of the easiest ones as well, is to make a date jar or a happiness jar out of it. The idea for a happiness jar is so simple, yet beautiful: you write down on a note what makes you happy at that moment and you put it in the jar. At the end of the year, you empty the jar and you open all the notes that are inside. You can do this alone or with the family. It will give a great sense of achievement and happiness when you read all the things that you accomplished and were happy about in that year. The date jar is a simple, yet effective, idea too. You can use the jar to store little notes with ideas for a fun date. When date night arrives, you pick a random note together and that will be the plan for that evening. This way you can surprise each other every time.

#9 Storage

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Of course you can just use the glass jars that you collected for all kinds of storage purposes too. Glass jars are ideal for storage in the bathroom or kitchen, for instance for reusable cotton wipes or toothbrushes.

#10 Canning

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If you bought too much fruit or if you had a profitable season in the garden, you can consider canning these fruits and vegetables. This way you can make your own jam, chutney, pickle or sauce in the glass jars that you saved up. The glass jars that are previously used can’t really be used for storing these products for months, but you can definitely make something tasty and keep it in the fridge for a few weeks. If you really want to start stacking up on foods for winter and become a pro in canning, you should consider investing in spare lids and rubber rings for save and hygienic canning.

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