10 clever ways to reuse lemon peels

Every household creates trash, whether you aren’t that preoccupied with your garbage or are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. One thing we can all agree on is that less trash is better, for ourselves and the environment. But some trash is just hard to avoid. To put this trash to good use, I will share tips to reuse this trash in a lot of different ways in and around the house. Glass jars, plastic bottles, veggie scraps, old jeans; everything can be used again if you look at it in a different way. Today I will share 10 clever ways to use lemon peels. 

#1 Extract


I’ve shared this tip before, but I really want to repeat it here since it is so easy and it comes in handy everytime you are baking. With just some vodka and a few lemon peels, you can make a delicious lemon extract that can be used in all sorts of cookies, cakes and other treats. You can do this with other citrus peels too, but be sure to use organic fruit for this.

#2 Candied Lemon Peels


The peel of a lemon is great to make candied lemon peels with. These candied peels can be used for snacking or can be added to all kinds of recipes. You can find a great recipe for candied lemon peels on Tori Avey’s blog.

#3 All-Purpose Cleaner


With some vinegar, water and peels of a lemon you can make an easy and effective all-purpose cleaner that is far more environmentally friendly and natural than any store-bought kind. Just mix 250 ml water with 250 ml white vinegar and add some peels to mask the vinegar scent.

#4 Potpourri


The dried peels of a lemon can make a great addition to any homemade potpourri. You could try making your own bowl of natural potpourri, or you can use the peels for a natural home scent that can be heated.

#5 Lemon Zest


Most people use the peel of a lemon for adding some zest to dishes. No need to keep the lemon peel though: you can easily grate the peel for the zest and use the zest in the freezer for when you need it at a later time.

#6 Tea or Fruit-Infused Water


Who needs soda when you can make the most delicious herbal tea or fruit-infused water yourself? All you need is some ginger root, mint and some lemon to make a delicious drink for yourself that is all natural and healthy for you.

#7 Decoration


Some dried slices of lemon or lemon peels can make a great decoration during the holidays. If you’re fed up with those loud and colorful ornaments, just make some ornaments yourself with natural elements like lemon, cinnamon or pinecones.

#8 Seed Starter

orange peels

There are a lot of materials that you can make a seed starter from, but using the peel of a lemon, or any other citrusfruit, might be one of the most sustainable ones. Not only does it look great and does it provide the soil with extra nutrients, it is also completely biodegradable!

#9 Repel Unwanted Visitors


No, a lemon peel won’t scare off that weird uncle of yours, but it will keep unwanted guests out of your garden. A lemon keeps mosquitos and ants away from your precious crops and flowers.

#10 Compost


If you can’t use the peels for anything else, you can always add them to your compost bin. The peels contain nutrients that will enrich the compost and that will eventually enrich your soil.

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